Batman as Frollo, Poison Ivy as Esmeralda

I always had my fetish for a Batman/Poison Ivy fan pairing of sorts where Batman must struggle against a lust on Poison Ivy.  Batman is no self-righteous villain like Dom Claude Frollo.  The whole setting would have Batman struggling with his role as a punisher of the wicked while Poison Ivy has truly cast a spell upon him.  So it had me thinking what if Poison Ivy's kiss on Batman actually had cast a spell so dangerous, Batman fears the end of him has come because he's now lusting after Poison Ivy?

Batman is a vigilante and anti-hero.  He keeps the city safe.  He would be a righteous version of Dom Claude Frollo, but a much younger version of the villain.  Like Frollo, he has fallen into the dilemma of falling for a woman he believes would bring to his doom.  He is now in a dilemma unlike any before and it's Poison Ivy.  Just one kiss was enough to bring Batman to a serious psychological dilemma.

I can view Poison Ivy as a twisted version of Esmeralda.  Esmeralda in the novel was one who was concerned about her people, the gypsies.  The theme is taken in most of Esmeralda's incarnations.  She is a villain with noble goals that is, to save nature itself but she takes it the wrong way.  She is an anti-villain... she has noble traits and goals but she takes it the wrong way.  Unlike Esmeralda, she casts the spell with that kiss.

I always wish DC would expand this concept or two, have Batman and Poison Ivy have more sexual tensions than usual.  


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