My Joke Hypothesis On Rito Revolto's Fate!

While thinking of Rito Revolto from Power Rangers in Space, he was not there because the suit was badly damaged. His Kakuranger counterpart had a human form that was played by Kenichi Endo aka the Master of Ham. I always thought that while Junior / Gasha Dokuro was a cold and ruthless creature, but he also had incredibly hammy moments one way or another. Too bad, Junior did not last long as I think Kenichi Endo had his reasons for leaving the set.

So what's my hypothesis to what happened to Rito Revolto? If Lord Zedd and Rita Repulsa became purified to become human beings, what if Rito Revolto suffered the same fate too? Hmmm I can imagine the shock Rita Repulsa might have seen to her brother's fate. Now my HUUUUGE JUMPING hypothesis.

I could only imagine Rito Revolto's purified form would look like Kenichi Endo and in this video, Rito Revolto is now the current endorser of Pizza Black. I guess they would have recognized him when Lord Zedd and Rita Repulsa both ate at Pizza Black and the owner I kept calling Zedd as "Ed". Hehehehehehe !!!!


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