That Feeling After I Saw Some Episodes of Metalder...

I was around 15-16 when I first figured out which show was based from which and Metalder was amogn them.  I started to think it was just originality then mixing Shaider right into VR Troopers but what I found out was that, VR Troopers' first season footage was based on Metalder and Spielban while the second season was based on Shaider.  So what's my thoughts on Metalder?

The android Metalder is given a human identity as Ryusei Tsurugi, he was based on Dr. Koga's son Tatsuo.  After the bitterness of war, Dr. Koga thought it was best to fight any threat to world peace and as of late, the world peace is threatened by a robotic army that was threatening the world peace.  Dr. Koga dies and Ryusei's sense of justice awakens, allowing him to become the super robot Metalder.

We have the robotic dog known as Springer.  What was funny was that Metalder took place in 1987 and later, the video game hero Rockman was released on December 17, 1987 of that year and three years later, Megaman would get a robot canine.  Inspiration from Metalder anyone?  Unlike Rush from the Megaman series, he can talk like a human being.

Mai Oogi is a tomboyish camerawoman in... red.  Hmm shades of the short-lived Mika Koizumi anyone?  She's the first human to know that Ryusei Tsurugi is the first human-like android and she keeps that secret with him.

Unlike Karl Ziktor in VR Troopers, the main villain of Metalder is a fearsome, grim foe indeed and deserves the title Grimlord better but his name is God Neros, an even more terrifying name.  Perhaps he was named after the historical villain Emperor Nero considering he is a very cruel man, he controls and manipulates the world behind the scenes until he monopolizes all the resources of the world as the sole source of power.  The first episode features God Neros' plan for world domination which makes me delude that the current events of the world are ran by somebody like him.

I simply can't help but compare God Neros to Emperor Nero not only by name but by character and appearance.  The historical Nero was heavily unattractive and had a prominent belly and so is God Neros.  Nero would frame up anyone to escape convenience and so does God Neros.  It's like as if Metalder's God Neros is the reincarnation of the monarch.  He rules with an iron fist and he has his gladiators fight each other determined to who he will send to kill Metalder.

According to the show, God Neros was a friend of Dr. Koga who became his enemy.  I always thought of Toei's scientist vs. scientist conflicts were carried overtime like Dr. Man and Dr. Shinichiro Gou in Bioman or later Dr. Hinelar and Dr. Kubota in Megaranger.  However in this case, the good scientist dies leaving Metalder to fight God Neros.

Hopefully I'll get to see more Metalder episodes soon.


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