Megaman Legends' "Reporter" and Megaman X8

I always thought of these two annoying minor characters who I thought were essentially one and the same. If you consider that while Megaman and Megaman X are essentially the same universe, Megaman Legends may not happen in the same universe.

When I first played the Megaman Legends series thinking it was the same Blue Bomber (when it isn't and Megaman Legends 2 proves it), I thought that one SUPER annoying character. In Megaman Legends' first game, there's that mission where you must save the City Hall from destruction, something I sucked at in the first game. So what was so distracting was that while you were playing the the City Hall mission, she interrupts your gameplay with stuff like, "The City Hall is catching on fire." which interrupts your gameplay while you beat the bad guys. Gotta admit, I really kept firing at her every time you were in an area where you could use your weapons... but it doesn't harm her. Fortunately she did not make it into the second Megaman Legends game except as a cameo.

Megaman X5 a game which came after Megaman Legends but before Megaman Legends 2 was really annoying. What makes her so annoying is that you had to undergo the SAME messages and you cannot skip them. I remembered the joke I made that after I got Megaman X5's rather stupid ending, Megaman X mentions he will make "Elysium", that Alia became Kattlelox TV's reporter though the idea just sounds impossible right? I always felt like smashing her circuits for good. Fortunately, Megaman X6 fixed that awful glitch even if Keiji Inafune wasn't involved. Megaman X5 for me was a weaker sequel to the awesome Megaman X4 no thanks to her.


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