A Summary Of Some Things I Believe Power Rangers Did Better Than Super Sentai, IMHO

Even if I am a neutral guy on Power Rangers (as of current) that is, while I tolerate its existence, I don't really like it as much as Super Sentai and remember, this is just a personal preference. Now for a list of stuff Power Rangers had actually done better for me in no particular order:

As much as I like Super Sentai better than Power Rangers, but don't you think having a multiracial team is a great concept? Heh, I just love it that more often than not, Power Rangers tends to be very anti-racist for me.

I don't really get so fond with Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers but for me, Amy Jo Johnson has done a better job in acting than Reiko Chiba. So really, what's wrong with that? Again, you do know my extreme favoritism is Kimberly is still too evident. But I can't deny this is just a personal appeal.

Even if I like Gingaman over Lost Galaxy due to personal biases, I still think this show deserves some credit for actually trying to take place outside of Earth while Gingaman stayed on Earth, thus adding a better meaning to the word "Ginga" or galaxy. It can still be enjoyed even if I find the main cast of Gingaman more likable than this group.

Not a huge Time Force fan but I'll give it some credit that I think it deserves to get its real credit. Like for instance, Jason Faunt is more natural in his acting than Masaru Nagai or that Jen isn't much of a bitch and her actress Erin Cahill comes out naturally. I could also add that at least Alex in Time Force wasn't that hero wannabe like Ryuya who carelessly carried out his actions. Ransik as hammy as that guy can get, he's actually an interesting villain though I honestly think, Dolnero may actually have an edge. Maybe I can also name how Eric Myers actually got injured (and was drafted to die but letting him live was still believable) trying to save his rival Wesley or that Wesley's father really went out searching for him. But I guess you know... executive meddling!

Wild Force may be unpopular and acting is so-so (it was criticized for that) but I guess I can be its fair critic. Now some critics can go and say, "Well I refuse to say any more because there's nothing good." but I guess I can share my own unpopular opinion. For me having a jungle boy than a veterinarian was a good idea and showcasing the evil of the human heart via Viktor Adler was better than Gaoranger not having it. However, Gaoranger for the win due to the fact that the original had better acting and execution, Wild Force tends to get ruined by the so-so acting.

No matter how much I don't like Operation Overdrive (and still feel bad why I even wrote such a horrible OOC episode killing them) but, I'll give it some points. The Corona Aurora Concept actually gave a reason why they were adventuring or two, Ronnie is sound-minded compared to Natsuki. Oh, credits to James MacLurcan because no matter how much I tend to dislike Power Rangers, the fact he went to meet the Go-onger cast is definitely worth the credit.

Power Rangers Samurai may be a very lackluster season but I thought that it actually got something right. Renaming the Kyoryuu Origami to Shark Origami made more sense. Other than that, a lot of the humor is a failure and Jayden running away because he's younger is stupid.

While I don't like Dino Charge due to the Kyoryuger hype that is present to a certain excess of characters or mecha (expect more soon), or two, I'm not really a fan of Power Rangers but I'll give some credit to it. No offense to those who like Kyoryuger but I think Dino Charge's cast lacking the hyperactivity or two, I would also name NO SAMBA for me makes it a better show. Yeah I know I don't like Power Rangers as much or two, I'm playing the neutral card since I'll check it out every now and then but, face it, no samba and no hyperactive members are definitely plus points. So even if I say, dislike it, I still want to give credit. Not to mention, it still does prioritize the main cast doing stunts, something that Super Sentai hasn't done so much since ToQGer.

Yeah I know Power Rangers isn't really my cup of tea, most of the time I tend to tolerate its existence and its fans while choosing not to be a fan of it like I go to a restaurant to order spicy curry and not Japanese curry (which I dislike) but I respect those who like Japanese curry. That's really my relationship with Power Rangers for some time is like my relationship with Japanese curry, I don't like it but I don't hate it.


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