How I Felt Emma Frost's Redemption Could Have Been Carried Out

This sounds really stupid for some of you and well, I am a Wolverine fan and here's what I started to think.  Scott and Emma is really wrong in many, many levels (I am a Scott/Jean shipper all the way) and I thought of how Emma's redemption could be carried out.  Well here's what I'd call as far-fetched, whacked-out and maybe, just the most the run that somehow, I felt Wolverine and Emma could have worked out especially during the time she admitted she fell for Scott/Cyclops in Wolverine's arms.  Maybe the two could have started an otherwise awkward relationship.

Call me crazy or what, but I did want to imagine Wolverine and Emma having a rather odd relationship, maybe not kill Jean Grey but rather have Emma fall for Wolverine and vice-versa.  Yeah I know the age gap is pretty big itself but for some reason, I thought a Wolverine/Emma pairing could have been a better than Scott/Emma because stupid writing wrote Jean Grey off.  I would prefer it if Scott had Jean and Wolverine had Emma... but no, I felt like the writers just love jumping the shark more than once.


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