Power Rangers As An Anti-Racist Propaganda

Whenever I think of Power Rangers acting out as a multiracial team though most of them are mostly, American by citizenship, I think the whole idea is trying to combat racism either directly or indirectly. One may consider the whole team of Power Rangers when it first started.

If you were a 90s kid, you might think of how Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers was accused of "racism" because Trini and Zack were assigned to yellow and black. But really? I thought about the whole idea is preposterous at more than one level because both characters were placed at a very positive light. Trini was a cool badass and Zack was a cool character. I couldn't help but still think of why create the controversy of the alleged racism of the show? If it were racist, the two would have been frequently discriminated but both of them were cool characters.

If any season of Power Rangers combats racism and discouraged revenge for being a victim of racism, it was Power Rangers Time Force. The whole message of the season was going against racism and going against revenge. Ransik himself was a victim of racism, but it didn't justify his activities against humans. In the end, both sides saw each other as more or less human. For that season, I think it's the most directly anti-racist.

After Time Force, I still can't deny the whole idea of racial unity and respect for cultural diversity existed. Ninja Storm had Cam a Japanese guy and well, the ninja school was open to all races. Dino Thunder had that episode that featured the Dino Thunder Rangers watching Abaranger, the end had Connor thinking about the beauty of diversity. Power Rangers SPD may not be my cup of tea but I think in a way, it's anti-racist with how everyone started breaking stereotypes with their character development. I think that's just some other more examples of how anti-racist Power Rangers is.

In the first place, why did Power Rangers exist? Because Super Sentai was too Japanese a show for the United States. Remaking the show fit for the American audience was a sure way. I guess the whole reason for a multiracial team is to promote unity in diversity. Even if Power Rangers isn't really my cup of tea, I still view it as an anti-racist propaganda by Toei and Saban. After all, wasn't Power Rangers inspired by a Japanese franchise?


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