Congratulations To Kimberly For Being Top One Spot For 20 Hottest Power Rangers Babes!

From The Richest's pick for The 20 Power Rangers Hot Babes, well I'm glad that unlike Mojo's Top Ten Power Rangers girls, Kimberly got the first top spot which I think she deserves. So it's predictable if I started making a Top 20 list of Super Sentai and Power Rangers girls, I think she's still on top. On the other hand, there are still other worthy contenders to that title such as Jasmine, Nanami, Mako and Rin which everyone else is going to show me something different.

Here's what "The Richest" has to say about her:

A case of the first still being the best. The original Pink Ranger, Amy Jo Johnson used her real gymnastics experience for the part of Kimberly, always ready with a quip, loving shopping and nice clothes and clearly having the time of her life in the part. She was prone to funny stuff of spells that could turn her wicked and even then, she showed great talent. Johnson was so vibrant and funny that she helped the show become a hit for her fashions if nothing else. She’s had the best post-Rangers career, starring in the hit shows Felicity and Flashpoint and barely looks like she’s aged in the two decades since leaving the series. Indeed, to reward fans in 2014 for helping in a fundraiser, she performed in a Pink Ranger outfit and it fit perfectly, proof Johnson remains so beloved for so many of the franchise.

Well I wish they added "The first pink ranger for Power Rangers." because it can lead to confusion of terms. I mean from using "Power Rangers" for "Super Sentai" (to the point Saban can get wrongfully accused of stealing the name from Toei). But other than that little mistake, there's something that I could really think about. So what else can I add? They could have added that she had her acting experience in Strassberg Theater Institute before she came into Power Rangers added to that charm. Yes she's vibrant, she can be funny and she can be serious when need be which makes her deserve the spot even more.


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