I Think Sledge Will Be Back...

So Enter I mean Heckyl (and that name serves him right) heckles everyone. So he's basically taken over as the Big Bad but I always thought that Sledge won't be gone for long. I just thought maybe, just maybe we'll see Heckyl eventually get a well-written death that a lot of gamechanger villains get. So what's up with that?

Do you remember the episode in Wild Force when Cole beats the second Master Org in a one-on-one battle against each other? Master Org reverts back to his human identity Viktor Adler after Cole defeated him in a close call. Mandilok who was newly resurrected gets rid of the depowered Viktor Adler but some episodes later, you get something really not so surprising. Viktor's wicked heart was even worse than the Orgs allowing him to become a real Org. Viktor as the new Master Org not only gets even with Jindrax and Toxica, he also shows how he has finally discarded his humanity.

So what if Sledge isn't truly dead? A lot of times, villains in Super Sentai and Power Rangers seem to look dead but they aren't. Changeman had Giluke seemingly dead but he returned. Ragorn in Turboranger managed to return in another body after he was supposedly destroyed. So what if Sledge is just hiding somewhere preparing to overthrow Heckyl and return for the finale.

My expectation? I'm just imagining what if Sledge returns mutated or two, revealing himself to be some Yaujta-lookalike (he even looks like a bulkier Predator) and maybe we'll see Heckyl gotten rid off for good. That'd be awesome to think about if he returns and starts to rampage against the usurper. What do you think?


  1. Hmmm... that's a pretty good speculation, Sean. Hopefully, they'll work that into Dino Super Charge.


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