Remembering The Super Robot Romance Of Daimos

Daimos is one Anime that I could remember back in the 90s. I did see it in English dub though I wish to see it soon in Japanese with proper subtitles. Even with some of the inaccuracies in the English dub but some plot remained intact anyway. The story of Daimos might have been set as another warning to the Japanese people to learn from their past. There's xenophobia and the wickedness of humanity has been explored on both sides. One side is the Baam has wicked bigots and so does humanity. General Miura (Harris) serves as humanity's embodiment of bigotry and the secondary antagonist. The Baams have Prince Richter (Ulrich) and General Olban though the enemies aren't truly evil either.
The conflict of the show is drawn from the love story of Kazuya (the Daimos pilot) and Princess Erika. Prince Richter is a noble villain who only seeks the welfare of his people but is drawn to bigotry due to a conspiracy set within the nobles. Baam was destroyed so the inhabitants seek refuge on Earth but after peace talks failed, their government under Olban (the de-facto ruler since the heirs haven't reached the age of majority). The war begins and there's bigotry on both sides. Both Kazuya and Erika start learning about Baam and Earthlings that there are indeed evil people in their race. For several times, I wanted to punch General Miura for being such a douche.

The plot of Daimos has been trying to have peace between the people of Baam and the people of Earth. This doesn't sit well with the power hungry Olban who knew his time was up and Richter was going to inherit the throne anytime. He sends his right hand Grovil who turns out to be the real killer of Richter's father Leon (which was too predictable for me). Olban would also later attempt to marry Erika so he could legitimize his dictatorship. I always thought I've had enough of this marrying the heiress so he could legitimize his rule. I mean Olban's an evil overlord and he can get any woman he wants... what he says goes! But again, we've got a lot of classic cliches Japan took from the West into their Anime.

The whole series progression revealed the evils of many hearts. General Miura himself revealed he's no better than the bloodthirsty Baams he hates. He massacres several helpless people which had Kazuya give him a rightful beating. Yes, that's been a very satisfying scene to watch. Eventually we see Olban's downfall which doesn't' happen at the hands of the hero. Instead, Olban gets assassinated by the very much alive Richter (who he ordered killed to leave Erika as the last surviving heir) resulting to the Baam Asteroid is about to crash to Jupiter. Richter ends up sacrificing himself. So Erika and Kazuya are reunited. Did they really get together? I wish I knew what the original end narration said to really know the real ending. 


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