I Dropped Solbrain As A Kid But Got Hooked With Janperson As A Teenager

It's no secret that Sailor Otaku is subbing Solbrain after it finished Winspector. Winspector was pretty epic IMO and I really had something different. GoGoFive's a good Super Sentai series but there are times watching Metal Hero or Kamen Rider can be a better treat. I could talk about my experience of actually dropping Solbrain as a kid.

Maybe I was around 9-11 when it happened. Solbrain was "too hard" for me to understand. There was no main villain (but a recurring villain was coming soon), I didn't get the action I wanted... it was more of a rescue version of Rescue 9/11. I didn't particularly like it and dropped it as a child. I find that funny because as an adult, I ended up liking the show but I didn't like it as a child. I just thought it was an odd show.

So why do I find it weird that I got hooked with Janperson? I wasn't really a fan of the Robocop TV series. Janperson was Robocop reimagined for the Japanese audience without the human factor going on. Jiban was a Robocop-type hero it wasn't all that of a Robocop TV series. Jiban was more focused on destroying mutants that were destroying the city. Janperson had the Robocop spirit even if the hero never had a human past. I guess age did play a role since I was already a teenager when I saw Janperson.

I wonder what if I saw Solbrain as a teenager and Janperson as a kid? I guess I'd be dumping Janperson as a kid and I'll be hooked with Solbrain as a teenager.


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