To Watch Or Not To Watch: The Beauty And The Beast Live Remake For 2017!

I remembered watching the Beauty and the Beast movie by Disney several times as a child. I enjoyed the original and the remastered version. 1991 was the year the original came out and there was the remastered version which included the song "Human Again". After 26 years a new Beauty and the Beast movie is coming out. Knowing how Disney had changed a lot during the late 90s up to present I've had a love/hate relationship with Disney. I couldn't even stand how they handled Power Rangers and now Marvel and Star Wars. 

I'd like to give my early thoughts on Emma Watson playing Belle. Granted, I don't really think of her to be super pretty but sometimes you don't need a super pretty lady to play Belle. She's sort of pretty but not all that hot. I think a not so attractive Belle might be a good thing. In the past, I always thought of Belle only on the outside. No joke, I thought Belle in her cartoon form was extraordinarily attractive. Maybe casting her as Belle may or may not work like a charm. There's always some disagreement on who to cast and who not to cast. Sometimes, I think Belle can still work even if she's not the most beautiful woman in town. 

I gave a thought would I watch a movie that I watched when I was just a child in its live version now I'm an adult? Granted that I'm having a love/hate relationship with Disney it's still remains to be seen.


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