Golion's The Real Deal

The thing is there was Lion Voltron but that's just bland compared to the Anime it was based from- Hundred Beasts King Golion. Why? Well let's think about how much more realistic and well-wrapped Golion is compared to its butchered WEP version.

In Golion, if enemies die, they die. Nobody just gets safely transported but never heard from again. And yes, characters are more well-developed. Watching the whole series means watching it for the very first time. Why? It's entirely different even if it seems to be the same. Also the violence, the gore and everything is just as intense as every other super robot show like Voltes V. There are plenty of differences in the series. I'll be using Voltron names to make things easier for those who haven't seen the Anime.

It talks about how five space explorers find their planet torn apart my war, they are captured by the Doom forces (who are NOT under the Drule Empire) ruled by the evil Emperor Zarkon who seeks to conquer the universe. Planet Arus is next in his list and these five space explorers escape and they seek to form Golion. Unlike Lion Voltron, Golion exists with a dual personality- a champion of justice as well as a god of destruction. It was a goddess NOT Haggar who split him up (makes more sense) and he is later awakened by five brave warriors.

Something- well Sven here really dies before Allura replaces him. It makes more sense since Haggar had pinned much damage on him and he was taken away to recover since his injuries were too great. When Allura came in, we have the typical team combination from Voltes V and Combattler V.

I think the show itself has been filled with the most disturbing scenes I've ever met. Why? Thinking about it, who can remember episode 12 which was entitled "Evil Deeds of the Great Emperor". It was Emperor Zarkon's birthday and well Tabor here who is NOT related to him in this version knows how to mistreat people that much. I can't forget just how the people of Planet Nemo were actually fed executed traitors to add insult to injury. They are so crazy they just eat anything while others prefer to starve than eat what's given to them.  Golion in itself had all the standard super hero robot violence as well.

Perhaps the most interesting villain has to be Lotor. Unlike the American version, Lotor has an interesting backstory of his mother in his dreams. However it fails to explain why he's that attracted to Allura while it explains why he likes blond girls for slaves. He's far more evil than Lotor was with scenes that were cut off because he was too murderous. I think he wants to get every lovely blond girl and yup his mother is a beautiful woman. Of course Haggar refuses to reveal any secrets about his maternity. All we see is that Zarkon must have killed her for some reason.

And yes anybody you think was just hit by a stungun like Nanny or was safely teleported are DEAD. And who you think as Sven is actually Sven's younger brother who also dies. In fact, how the villains die is just epic. Well Zarkon didn't just teleport away, he committed suicide by not escaping his beast fighter feeling he's left without anything to fight for. Lotor kills Haggar after she reveals her dreadful secret to him which you'll have to find out yourself. Eventually that's how the series ends and there was no second season. Everything else in the second season was exclusive footage by WEP to continue the series which eventually didn't do very well.


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