Mortal Kombat vs. Marvel Comics- My Fantasy

The thing is I always thought that Mortal Kombat vs. DC was a lousy game. In fact, I believe that they weren't able to get the game because Disney was on its way to buying Marvel (and which is a BAD idea) and in fact, I always thought that a Marvel Comics match would be 50x more badass than DC. Why? It's because Marvel has more interesting characters.

Here were some match-ups that would have been cool:
  1. Scorpion vs. Ghost Rider- Ghost Rider can operate opposite of Scorpion where he can use his chains to get close to his opponent.
  2. Iceman vs. Sub-Zero- Both of them are masters of the cold. Both of them can freeze one another and have different ice tricks against each other.
  3. Raiden vs. Thor- When both worlds collide, just imagine as how two thunder gods would battle at the same degree of power.
  4. Shinnok vs. Loki- I think the two of them are quite similar.
  5. Liu Kang vs. Cyclops- Instead of Ryu, Cyclops has Liu Kang to face.
  6. Baraka vs. Sabertooth- This is beast vs. beast battle.
  7. Johnny Cage vs. Spiderman- The paparazzi is one serious enemy thus causing a battle.
  8. Nightwolf vs. Wolverine- Since Hawkeye isn't so popular so I thought Wolverine would be a more worthy opponent stealth vs. stealth although their fighting is different.
  9. Sonya Blade vs. Ms. Marvel- This is another hot babe match.
  10. Kitana vs. Elektra- Kitana is pissed off by sai fighters so this battle begins.
  11. Shang Tsung vs. Mandarin- The two wizards are experts in deception.
Also I kind of thought that this would be the non-canon storyline:

Eons of Mortal Kombat had caused destruction and in another realm, the Marvel Universe is about to get sucked in. As it happens in the force of fury, the simultaneous battle between Raiden and Shinnok as well as Thor and Loki occurred all at once, creating a massive vortex that causes both worlds to collide. The only hope for survival is to find a way to reverse the process, heroes from both realms must put their differences aside in order to survive as well. However villains from both realms also unite forming the ultimate clash of the titans!

I also thought of it that the gameplay will be similar to Tekken Tag, only that you need to beat two characters and the character that remains when finish him appears will be the only one to perform the fatality. Also the final boss may be a tag match against Shinnok and Loki or a new character.


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