G.I.Joe's Serpentor

If there was any other character in G.I.Joe that I felt was just put in "too soon" was Serpentor. Why? In the real life, it's really impossible to create an emperor out from some of history's greatest dictators, knowing that 99.9% of the tombs are NOT there as compared to as they were in the movie. I've been to China to discover that some of the greatest emperors' corpses have been stole centuries ago. Also in science, it would be impossible to do this task. Hee hee. I also felt he was based on the Conan cartoon villain Wrath-Amon in terms of appearance.

So I kind of thought that he differed greatly from the cartoons and the comics. His original counterpart was more of a secretly conspired operation that Cobra Commander didn't know was going to lead to his temporary downfall, by which Destro and Dr. Mindbender had every resource approved by the Cobra Commander. He didn't immediately rise into power- he gained the trust of the people and he was a much better commander, he was more patient. Also his DNA history is not very known either except for a few that are mentioned. He had a much longer struggle with the Joes, even at one point joining with them since the government felt he was more of a monarch than a dictator, where he was that well-loved to the point that the Coil army was later created to retrieve him. This of course has a longer course of action than the cartoons.

In the cartoons, the conspiracy was well-discovered but Cobra Commander lost control of his guard (thanks to Destro and Dr. Mindbender) and he was meant to replace the cowardly leader (who wasn't like that in the comics). Some of his DNA samples were known such as Montezuma, Rameses the Great, Vlad Tepes, Genghis Khan, Atilla the Hun, Julius Caesar, Napoleon Bonaparte, Ulrich the Viking, Alexander the Great, Ivan the Terrible (Karl Marx could've been a better choice) and Sgt. Slaughter. They intended to use Sun Tzu's DNA but since it was lost, it got replaced it with Sgt. Slaughter's. Although Sgt. Slaughter broke the canister, however Dr. Mindbender didn't notice that some of the DNA already made it into the genetic matrix causing an intense hatred between the two. Serpentor had more hatred over Sgt. Slaughter than most of the Joes.

He was far more arrogant and ill-tempered than Cobra Commander.  He had much military strategy but Sgt. Slaughter's DNA caused imbalance.  So he did manage to get U.S. territory but his impulsiveness and foolhardy pride nearly destroyed Cobra.  He let his predecessor Cobra Commander be his right hand man and scapegoat at the same time.  He was portrayed to be rather overly demanding and highly impatient although he had caused the G.I.Joe team more problems than they already had.  So he had a more mysterious origin in the movie, where Golobulus revealed that he had the plans installed into Dr. Mindbender's head to replace Cobra Commander. After the events of the movie, he was revealed to be still alive and well in Operation Dragonfire. He took over Cobra again with little of what was left (the Terrordrome was destroyed) while still being addressed as emperor, however his arrogance proved to be his downfall. Baroness who originally sided with him however grew tired of him and used the Dragonfire to restore the true leader. Cobra Commander got his revenge by turning him into an iguana where he's presumably killed.

I also kind of fantasized if a REAL Serpentor were possible and it was used in Al Qaida. Hmmm... just imagine Usama bin Laden being replaced by Serpentor and how the U.S. Military will handle the problem.


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