Tekken's Incestuous Moment

This ending came from Tekken 5 and this involves Jin Kazama in an incestuous moment with his cousin Asuka Kazama. Asuka's father and Jin's mother are siblings making them first cousins. Hmmm... just imagine that kind of moment with your cousin. Reminds me of the time I had a crush on my first cousin (who has gone bad now) when I was in Grade Three and later falling in love with somebody I didn't know was my own kin. YUCK!

Anyway I thought that Tekken should never put any incest story. Well I kind of thought of how the freak line would be in a Jin Kazama-Asuka Kazama mating:

Here's a chart showing that any defective genes from Jin and Asuka are most likely to pass through their children. Jin has the Devil gene disorder, we don't know what other defects the two carry. So thinking about crossing them would mean that there's a 50% chance of carriers of whatever disorders there are in the line (let's not focus much on the Devil gene for now) and a freak lineage. Other disorders are bound to be carried over. Other consequences are young deaths, born deaf or blind at higher rates.


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