Disney Girls Should Do Something About Their... ACTING!

Disney's girl's acting is really TERRIBLE as of late. Not only with Power Rangers during the Disney tenure but in almost every live show there is. I mean Miley Cyrus and Hillary Duff are just a few. Oh yeah, I forgot that Disney's directors do have a way with letting their girls do those overacting accents... it's just SO IRRITATING! I mean, it's very distracting.

For example, there was the Cadet Kelly movie. Hillary Duff really made me want to throw bricks at her and not at her spoiled character. While it was satisfying to watch Carlson Romano's character Jennifer Stone get even with her, however with the director's orders, the character Jeniffer Stone goes from dignified cadet captain to an undignified one. It's plain irritating how Disney's acting ruins otherwise good characters.


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