The Evolution of Tekken Endings

Tekken endings... good times, bad times... the Tekken game back then was more remembered for its fun two player modes than the endings. The endings started from awful to nice. Here's a sampe of how Tekken went by: (I'll be using Nina Williams' endings as an example)

Tekken 1- It was all blocky, wax-like figures with no dialogue whatsoever plus they were all very short. Can't be helped since Tekken was just a baby game back then.

Tekken 2 managed to improve on graphics but the problem is, no vocals. Hee hee!

Tekken 3 had the best graphics for PS1 in all Tekken games. However the endings were not very detailed.

Tekken 4 had more powerful endings, vocals and all. Why did Namco not think of that for Tekken 3?!

Tekken 5 continued with good quality... no the best.

Tekken 6- better graphics, shorter clips. :-P


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