My Thoughts on The Powder Film

If one of the films caught my attention it was Powder. It's all about a freak with no hair, incredibly fair skin and high intellect as well as gifted with a limited amount of powers. Despite his kind nature, he was always rejected for "being different" which makes him a character worth sympathizing and revealing the bigotry of society and the cruelty of people where he stands out in character. He is disowned by his own father but fortunately his grandparents didn't. So he managed to live in their home and lived secluded all because he was different. But of course, he learned a lot with his great intellect.

I thought of that it was fun to watch his chemistry with his girlfriend, whose father is hateful for hating him for being a "marshmallow". Me... I wouldn't mind if my younger sister dated a guy like Powder. I mean, come on Powder may be white as snow but he's kind as ever.

What really was unique about Powder was this- he didn't react to the bullying of other people and sought to understand their pain. I mean, his bullying had to be that bad to be stripped naked by them and kicked into a mud puddle- in public. Despite that, he saved the life of the one who initiated it, even if he knew he might be humiliated the same way again.

But of course, the ending was tragic. I wish he just lived on. Instead, he was blown off in pieces by the lightning. Sigh.


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