The Spirit Bomb in Dragon Ball Z

If there was any other technique that kind of amazed me in Dragon Ball Z was the Spirit Bomb, a technique which only a pure mind and soul can use. Okay Goku is NOT my favorite character, I'm more a Vegeta fan but the Spirit Bomb intrigued me a lot.

It was taught by King Kai in the Other World where Goku was to gather some energy from living beings to create a destructive ball. So let's see its applications:
  • First attempt was on Vegeta. Okay not the gigantic one. Goku gathered energy from nearby to create a ball of energy which he told Krillin to toss to Vegeta. Krillin missed but Gohan was able to reflect the ball back to Vegeta. Vegeta was hit but it didn't end the battle. 
  • In the Freeza saga, Goku absorbed the energy of the whole planet Namek but it wasn't enough. Freeza was too powerful. Presumably, Freeza was hiding his true power and also, there wasn't enough life on Namek anyway.
  • In the movies, the tiny Spirit Bomb was used to defeat Turles, Dr. Wheelo and Lord Slug.
  • In Android 13, Goku created a Spirit Bomb which he absorbed into his body while in Super Saiyan form. It's revealed that the Super Saiyan form is violent in nature so it can't gather energy while in that state. The technique was never used again.
  • In the Buu saga to finish Super Buu off, Vegeta advised to use the power of the whole Earth. Goku tried to do some convincing but it wasn't enough. Thanks to Hercule who is called Master Handsome in other dubs (I hate it that Akira Toriyama had to name him Mr. Satan when it just doesn't suit him as a joke character), the people in the dubs were cheering "Handsome" or "Hercule" repeatedly and the Spirit Bomb was huger than before. Although Super Buu was able to push it back, when Goku's health was restored to normal, it worked and destroyed Super Buu as to not one single cell was left.
  • In the final saga which was the Dark Dragons saga, Goku used the energy of the whole universe to defeat Omega Shenron. However it left one plothole- Goku is NOT invulnerable to gathering the energy but in the series, he was.


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