The Character That Should Have Been Mr. Satan

It's obviously stupid that Hercule was originally named Mr. Satan when that guy is NOWHERE near the lord of darkness. On the other hand, Dabura the king of the Netherworld wasn't named as Satan. Dabura means devil so he should have been the one named Mr. Satan. However I found it pretty insulting that one of his demon underlings Babidi (who didn't reside in Hell with him) managed to take control of him and use him. However realizing that he was the ruler of Hell, he decided to fight Majin Boo but he was defeated. He was turned into a cookie and was chomped. Well when he reached the afterlife after his physical form perished, Yemma (the god of the underworld, Dragon Ball's equivalent to Pluto) sentenced him to Heaven instead. In the anime only, he was there knocked down to a senile state so I guess the gods will just have to wait until he misbehaves before they send him down to Hell again. Presumably, he may have been sent back to Hell to where he belongs.


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