Heihachi Mishima, Tekken's Recurring Antagonist

Somehow Tekken's recurring antagonist is a pretty interesting character. Well rather than just your regular villain, he has some noble intentions at the same time, a self-serving person. He can be compared to Zeus and Cronus in Greek mythology, more likely Cronus. Why? Well he overthrew his own father Jinpachi Mishima (an act that would later cause the Devil gene to manifest further) and that how he treated his son Kazuya Mishima would create a more evil villain than he was.

He was pretty much a bad father. Who in the right mind would throw away their son into a cliff to instill the values of hardness? It could have killed Kazuya Mishima. In the process, he ended up creating the curse which backfired, then he would backfire. He raised Lee Chaolan as another son only to provide a rival for Kazuya Mishima. In the first tournament, he was thrown off the same cliff that his son Kazuya Mishima was thrown to. However he came back to the second Tekken tournament... for revenge. Hmmm... the cycle never ends. In the process, he threw him into the volcano realizing the Devil gene was a threat to him. From then on, blood ties meant nothing to him anymore.

So in Tekken 3 he took his grandson Jin Kazama as a pupil in order to train him to defeat Ogre. Also during that time, he admitted Ling Xiaoyou into his school but only for personal gain. He at first admired Jin Kazama's determination to defeat Ogre but the knowledge that the curse passed on, he decided to eliminate Jin Kazama. However he was unsuccessful. At this point, he also sought to create the ultimate lifeform for some reason.

He hosted the Tekken 4 tournament, once again prevailing as the grandmaster. He was defeated by Jin Kazama in hand-to-hand combat. While he was about to be killed by Jin Kazama, he was however spared. Kazuya Mishima later betrayed him again only to survive yet another injury, suggesting he may also be a carrier of the Devil gene. It was also there it was discovered he helped others, but only for mutual gain.

In Tekken 5, he was however nothing more than a character in hiding and unable to sign up because he was assumed dead. It was also here that his father Jinpachi Mishima had resurfaced. He was unable to reclaim the Zaibatsu. Instead, it fell into his grandson Jin Kazama's hands. In Tekken 6, he found out that Lars Alexanderson was his illegitimate son.


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