The Impact The Tekken Series Has On Other Fighting Games

Back then the popularity of Tekken in the arcades has somewhat created an impact to other fighting games in the future. How? It encouraged 2D games to go 3D in graphics like Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat but the gameplay was too different. Eventually when the Playstation 2 came, it seemed to have affected Mortal Kombat the most but in an indirect way- Mortal Kombat as a franchise developed a deeper, more complicated fighting system than it was a basic game back then in hopes to become competitive with Tekken which it did. Even the designs in Mortal Kombat from Deadly Alliance-present seem to be influenced by Tekken's designs. Also, it meant that Virtua Fighter its almost direct competitor had improved its graphics, system but still, Virtua Fighter isn't as great as Tekken IMO.


  1. Talking about Tekken, I thinking about that goddamn irate gamer. He bash this game COMPLETELY! He just played Tekken under an hour!


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