The Movie Version of Thulsa Doom

Here's the movie version of Thulsa Doom who the more die-hard Conan fans will rather call him as "Thoth-Amon" or for those who saw the Conan cartoons first, they may dub him as "Wrath-Amon".  Now I was thinking he was one interesting villain.  At the start of the film, he is the mysterious figure that leads an army of Vanir who search for the power of steel.  He raids the Cimmerian village, killing every last adult and selling the children into a hard life of slavery.  He also had beheaded Conan's mother using the sword made by Conan's father.  During that time, he was the raiding evil figurehead of Set.

Years later, he reemerged again with different power.  It was mentioned in the movie that two-three years ago, it was simply another snake cult but the worshipers of Set began to spread like fire.  During that time, he built his fortress near the Vilayet Sea, where he turned a mountain into his fortress called the Mountain of Power.  Using the cult, he had enslaved thousands of people across Hyboria and has occupied the kingdoms of Zamora, Aquilonia, Nemedia, Koth and Stygia (in the R.E. Howard continuity, it was the empire of Set).  Many youths were soon turned into mindless assassins and in the end, died in his service as disposables.  One evidence of his ruthless activities are when a cult member will soon feed themselves to his giant serpent for Set to hide evidence of his activities.

Not long enough his feud with Conan reemerged.  It was for some time that he managed to brainwash King Osric's daughter, Princess Yasimina and intended to make her his.  At that point, he already had Rexor the High Priest control Stygia.  His empire was growing and the signs of Set were everywhere.  Conan still could not forget the fact he destroyed the whole village.  Later when Conan tried to infiltrate his base, he really had his enemy beaten up.  It was also this time he learned the power of flesh over steel because it is the hand that wields it.  He demonstrated that power by causing a young girl to fall to her death and in a deleted scene, a young man stabs himself.  To make matters worse, he ordered Conan to be crucified to the Tree of Woe to which was taken from "A Witch Shall Be Born" where Conan was crucified by Constantius.  Fortunately he was merciful enough not to crucify Conan near Eric Idle.

Later what we learn is that Thulsa Doom's cult was actually a cult of cannibals that would eat their murder victims.  His followers can seen be chopping up human body parts for a cannibalistic feast where the members were decadent in that orgy.  I guess he feeds human flesh to his members in order to ensure their mental damage.  Perhaps that hands soup gets his member drugged so they will continue to serve him without question.  When Conan "kidnaps" the Princess Yasimina, he goes out to rescue her.  However when he sees that the war is lost when all his best men were killed, he decides to murder his girlfriend.  After that, he retreats back to the Mountain of Power.

At the finale, he finally has all his followers bring light to which was most likely an immolation ceremony which may actually hint that time will come that his followers will burn themselves alive.  Conan however with the help of his former lover Yasimina, infiltrates the mountain.  He tries to appease Conan by using hypnosis, attempting to convince the latter that he is his father, but it failed.  Conan hacks him down and kills him, thus ending his influence on the youth.


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