Vegeta's My Favorite Dragon Ball Character

If there was anybody in Dragon Ball Z that I was able to relate to, it wasn't Son Goku but Vegeta. Okay so we know he started of as a bad guy who was working for Freeza's forces but after his failed mission on Earth, things began to change. So he was still a bad guy during the Freeza saga and he planned to betray his master for power, but he was unable to. Freeza proved to be more than a match which killed him the first time in the series. Ever since then, he had a change of heart and decided to consider the Earth his home while having a friendly rivalry with Goku.

So in a way, he ended up marrying Bulma which was an unusual plot twist and even sired a son named Trunks with her. So it was pretty interesting to see him work with the good guys for a change. In a way, he could relate to Piccolo who was previously Goku's archenemy prior to the Z saga as well as to Tien and Yamcha. He also had his own fair share of fights but his pride was always a killer. That is, he was foolish enough to allow Cell to absorb Android 18.

In the Buu saga, his pride caused him to become Majin Vegeta, which he used an explosive suicide attack to defeat Buu to no avail and died a second time. His pride kept getting in the way, that is until he realized more and more of how he was getting into the worst of things. In the end, he ended up suggesting to Goku the creation of the ultimate Spirit Bomb- using the energies of the whole Earth though his patience remained quite thin when the people of Earth didn't share their energies. After the Buu saga, it seemed that his envy died down.

In the GT saga, he was less of a jerk than he was.


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