The Nakago and Yui Pairing

In Fushigi Yuugi, we had the fact that Lady Yui was once in love with Tamahome but as time passed, she gained the attention of Suboshi and later, fell for Nakago who was manipulating her but I believe at some point, he really loved her. But I thought about it that she and Nakago seemed to make the perfect match- if Tamahome was to Miaka then she would be the perfect match to Nakago. All that while, I thought she would be the key to melt Nakago's ice cold heart and just end the war. Of course, Nakago also had the lover in Soi but to Nakago, Soi was more of a comrade than a lover. Maybe not.

Nakago after failing to control Tamahome for good, he became Lady Yui's confidant and signs of them falling in love were present. Of course, Nakago wanted to have Yui to wish him power. Was it so he could rule the world with her or so he could have her? Maybe. I suspected that Nakago may have known that if he can't wish for Seiryuu for her and Yui to be together, he'll have to defy the laws of nature to be with her. Similar to Tamahome, he had a way to get out of the book via a small shell, like Tamahome had a ring with Miaka. He did get out, Yui was heartbroken later to find out she was being manipulated by him.

I kind of wished though that Nakago's heart would have just defrosted in the series. I personally thought that she had some power to ease him, at some point. Sadly, she could have never had done it. Wishful thinking- only if Nakago could be given another chance, they could be together. If Tamahome can be with Miaka, why not him and Yui?


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