Tekken and Virtua Characters That Were "Alike"

Tekken and Virtua Fighter seem to copy from each other. Okay I'm more of a Tekken fan and I admit that Nina came AFTER Sarah Bryant but I'd like to present some similar characters:

Akira Yuki and Jin Kazama- Too self-explanatory.

Wolf Hawkfield, El Blaze, King I and King II- They're all wrestlers. Duh.

Sarah Bryant and Nina Williams- Both are amnesiac blond women.

Wang Jinrei and Shun Di- Both are old men who are masters of martial arts.

Aoi Umenokoji and Asuka Kazama- Both are daughters of dojo masters.

Taka-Arashi and Ganryu- This is where Virtua Fighter gets an idea from Tekken. Both are sumo wrestlers. However Ganryu made more appearances than Taka-Arashi.


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