Plot Holes in the 1982 Conan the Barbarian Film

Okay so I figured out that the movie was a box office hit but I do have some plot holes to think about which are:

On the snakeman Thulsa Doom- why did the writers choose to name the villain "Thulsa Doom" instead of "Thoth-Amon"? From what civilization did he belong to? All that is known is that they came from a cannibalistic civilization that worshiped Set. He, Rexor and Thorgrim never aged throughout the films, possibly a result of Set's empowerment.

Concerning the Wheel of Pain. Was it just there to torture?

The reason of the deletion of the "Procession Scene". I think it was really an important part to show the power of the Snake Cult.

In the Tower of Set, for what purpose was the sacrifice of a young woman to the giant python? Do the cult members inevitably feed themselves to the giant snake?

On the Snake Cult hierarchy- later we discover that Rexor not only serves as Thulsa Doom's right hand (and third in rank to the snake god Set) but also that, he became the high priest second only to Thulsa Doom. So that makes Thulsa Doom the high priest and Rexor the vice-high priest. Noteworthy is that, Rexor took the place of the character Yaro (who was later deleted) for some unknown reason.

They could have chosen to kill Conan directly but why did they decide to crucify him? Thulsa underestimated Conan and paid for it as his own philosophy of flesh being the power behind steel spelled his very end.

Just who were eaten at the Mountain of Power? Was it the human members or was it their murder victims or both? It was never specified clearly. Theoretically, some of the guards in the palace are probably some of the cult members now upgraded. So if King Osric was killed, they must have eaten him too. If Thulsa Doom just recruited people so he could eat them, that would diminish his power. I guess, it had to do with their murder victims.

In the Orgy scene, why did Thulsa Doom slither away and left the princess vulnerable? Or was it to call for reinforcements?

The battle of the mounds. As much as it was an awesome scene, I kind of thought it also had those plot holes. Like what? For instance, why the sword of Conan's father break in battle or another, why did Thulsa Doom decide to murder Princess Yasimina whom he bewitched to become his future wife?


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