Mortal Kombat Shaolin Monks

Compared to MK Mythologies and MK Special Forces, MK Shaolin Monks succeeds where the two other games mentioned failed.  Why?  Well it's got a solid adventure mode, all the interaction, martial arts and awesome bosses.  Okay so it got the whole MK2 game rewritten for some reason but it's one awesome game.  Here are the differences between MK2 vs. Shaolin Monks:
  • Liu Kang and Kung Lao share a Ryu/Ken type of rivalry with Kung Lao being the Ken of the series.  He had remained hidden during the first tournament in contrary to the official MK2 comic.
  • Goro was able to escape to Outworld therefore Gorbak wasn't able to demand for Shang Tsung's execution.
  • Scorpion worked alongside Shang Tsung.
  • The game also adds Kung Lao being the reason why Sub-Zero got the scar, something never confirmed in the later games.
  • Jax already got the technology to open a portal which is revealed after the optional battle with Kano.
  • Several characters died in this game namely Jade, Baraka, Reptile, Goro, Kano, Shang Tsung and Kintaro but again, Shao Kahn does have the ability to raise the dead.
Rumors that came true:
  • The Living Forest fatality- well in this game, you do have to feed the trees in order to progress the game.  If one loses in the living forest stage, one sees the character they are using being eaten by the living trees.
  • The Goro rumor- Well look no more.  Here Goro is a boss to fight!
  • The Dead Pool hooks- It's another means to progress.  One had to uppercut foes into the hooks for the door to rise up.
What made the game much better had to be its challenges,easy controls, fun combos, challenging terrain and the ability to perform several unique fatalities on certain enemies or on most bosses, a fatality is performed to add fun to it.  And of course, there are secrets to unlock but some are only unlockable in the two player mode so grab a friend as much as possible.  Hee hee.  Anyway, I'd rather not spoil the rest.  Ha ha.


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