Who Could Have Died In-Between Dragonfire and G.I.Joe the Movie

In G.I.Joe's third season by DIC, the series opened with a mini-series called Operation Dragonfire.  Apparently while some Joes may have been transferred somewhere (in the case of Duke returned in the second DIC season, technically G.I.Joe's fourth season).  However for Cobra, it seems some of the members perished.  During the opening, Serpentor is seen operating with Destro, Baroness, Copperhead and Night Viper and a new recruit named Gnawgahyde in the quest to harness Dragonfire.

Here's my analysis of who could have died:

  • The three major figures of Cobra-La namely Golobulus, Pythona and Nemesis Enforcer.  Remember the final event?  Pythona and Nemesis Enforcer (whose wings got weakened) fell into the abyss and the Cobra-La dome fell on them.  Golobulus may have perished in the explosion.  Larry Hama wrote his fate as dead in an avalanche. Strange isn't it that Cobra Commander as a snake got recovered?
  • The Crimson Twins, Dr. Mindbender and Zartan may have died themselves too as they were never seen or mentioned.  Zarana may have taken over her brother's place as leader of the Dreadknocks.
  • Perhaps it's evident that the Crimson Twins died since in G.I.Joe season three, it was mentioned that they were put out of business way back.  


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