Beast Wars Characters and Possible Inspirations

If there was any Transformers series I believe goes to my old shames list is the Beast Wars continuity which is still part of the G1 Franchise.  Why?  Well the Beast Wars series is basically a new set of Autobots (now renamed as the Maximals) and the Decepticons (now the Predacons).  So who do I think inspired who? Aside from the obvious (Megatron and Megatron) here are they:

  • Optimus Primal is based on Optimus Prime
  • Rhinox is most likely based on Ultra Magnus 
  • Cheetor well I think he's based on Hot Rod
  • Dinobot is most likely based on Greatshot
  • Rattrap well he's kinda like Holi
  • Airazor perhaps on Arcee
  • Tarantulas is most likely based on Starscream being intelligent and a traitor
  • Terrorsaur is most likely based on Deathsaurus being an energon addict and also Starscream
  • Waspinator is most likely based on Hellbat


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