Gaston as a Villain

For Gaston in Beauty and the Beast, I would say he's the first villain there to think that's he's actually not a villain since he is after all the "town hero" and it looks like most people don't even care if he's such a big jerk, arrogant and conceited to the point man Belle is so right, the people in the town are stupid.  So he's adored by the three bimbettes and he's so arrogant with his manliness to think he could woo Belle over.  But when Belle rejected his proposal for marriage after "teasing him a bit", he shows that's he's not really as stupid as Belle thinks he is.

He's got that incredibly evil plan- force Belle to marry him or he locks up her father.  And he's that lustful after Belle, actually we don't know how old Gaston is so I guess there's no pedophilia in it, just plain lust.  So he wants to marry Belle to show off, really badly because she's that hot then again as if he's really that handsome or even if he is, still he's one big ugly jerk on the inside.  And yes, I really hate this guy not only for being dimwitted most of the time but how he reminds me of real life people I run into with that kind of attitude on the inside regardless of appearances.  His chauvinistic attitude also makes him want to have Belle and have six or seven sons, for me I won't mind having Belle for my wife and having six or seven little Belles running around or having sons and daughters but he's really that absorbed with having only sons with Belle.  Tough luck, with Belle being an only child and a daughter, she might as well give birth to little Belles!

He also has the attributes of Narcissus, since he's basically self-absorbed.  When he discovers that Belle is in love with a "monster" that is Beast (doesn't he even have a real name?!), he leads a campaign to kill Beast not because he thinks the latter is a monster but because Belle should be his.  As a town false hero, he fools everyone in his campaign to kill Beast so he can have Belle.  He mocks Beast, wow he really has me ticked there for attacking my favorite Disney character.  Then if he can't have Belle, nobody can by which he stabs Beast but fortunately, he lands to his death and dies.

But seriously, did Squaresoft ever consider he should be in Kingdom Hearts since he's one of the most important villains to exist and loathe upon?!


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