Galvatron's Insanity in the Transformers Cartoon

Galvatron, pretty much of a decay from his former personality as Megatron.  Now what happened?  Here's what...

While in the movie, Galvatron retained much of the Megatron personality though he killed Starscream (at last!) once and for all, he however got tossed by Rodimus Prime out of Unicron and he landed on Thrull where he fell into a plasma bath.  It's not defined how long he was there but the fact he's metallic allowed him to survive.

When Scourge pulled him out after his location was discovered, the found out that Galvatron had lost every last trace of his past personality though he still retains memories of his life as Megatron.  Sadly, he was no longer the same.  He quickly went from competent military leader to one insane genocidal maniac who is both feared and laughed at by both of his comrades (except for Cyclonus, Scourge and the Sweeps but they eventually betrayed him for Scorponok) as well as the Autobots.  He also destroyed Thrull for no reason at all except to fill in his sadistic desires.  What was worse was that this trait of him to KEEP hitting his followers and driving them nuts kept going on due to his insanity.  Funny thing is, why didn't a revolt happen immediately?  The fact he keeps blasting monitors and equipment whenever he's angry, isn't going to be too expensive?

That was verified in the episodes of Web World where Galvatron was pretty much scary to think of, even being near him I'd rather not be.  So his metaprocessor is badly damaged and I mean every means of treating him failed.  When all else failed, the Torkuli attempted to eat away his insanity but even his insanity caused the sentient planet of Torkulon to go imbalanced. Apparently, his insanity is the worst case in the Universe.  In that episode, he really wrecked Torkulon it would take centuries for it to rebuild, making him really destructive and scary but at the same time FUNNY.

Perhaps his worst side ever was when he decided to become Grand Galvatron, a plan that was never pushed through.  Man this guy really has POOR conceptualization in his plans.  Fortunately he was destroyed by the Headmasters where he became dormant under some blocks of ice (since his power deteriorated after surviving Cybertron's explosion!).  His plan to turn the Earth into his new body, well he was aware his head was his weak spot due to his incident on Thrull and all though.  But too bad his madness was never eradicated since it could have made him more dangerous.  Worse came to worst, he was so insane his subordinates refused to help him when he was defeated by the Headmasters which left him entombed in ice presumably his power decreased significantly after surviving Cybertron's explosion.


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