Tekken 6 for PS3

Well here's one game I'm pretty mixed- while it's still a fun game but I just had a thought Namco's TQM or Total Quality Management hasn't been done very properly here.  So here's my thoughts:


Tekken 6 features a very intense story.  So after Jin Kazama beats his zombified great-grandfather Jinpachi Mishima, he goes berserk and basically throws the whole world into chaos.  When Kazuya who currently controls G Corporation battles his son Jin Kazama for control of the world, the two evil stars (devil gene holders) trigger the resurrection of Namco's most badass unplayable boss Azazel.  Woohoo!  So the whole world is in chaos and Jin Kazama declares the sixth Tekken tournament which much will be talked about.


This is very important indeed.  I did think while I was playing Tekken in the past, Tekken had its crown firmly held due to his accessibility that goes down to deep gameplay.  It still keeps smooth controls that makes it a fun game.

However here's been a problem to total quality management when it came to the game.  I really freaking have a couple of complaints for an otherwise fun game.  So here they are: First, why do I have to PLAY through Scenario Campaign just to get the freaking endings for the characters?  That wasn't the problem of previous Tekken games.  It's freaking stupid.  Okay I'm having some fun in Scenario Campaign but I do have my problems with it.  For me, I really wished that the gameplay would change between sidescrolling to fight mode like it does with Mortal Kombat Armageddon's Konquest Mode.  Also, another complain of mine is that Scenario Campaign can be very frustrating and takes a lot getting used to.  Also Arena Mode is TOO SHORT and if you want to a little longer gameplay to Azazel, play Arcade Mode and then no ending?!  Really.  For me, that's a very big downside of the game.  Otherwise, I have already beaten Kazuya and I am using Devil Jin to try and beat the Scenario Campaign as cheaply as possible.  Another problem I freaking hate are the the lag times the game suffers which wasn't a problem in Tekken 5.

For Azazel, I'd say he's one incredibly challenging boss character.  Why is that?  First he's freaking huge and two, you need to master combos to beat him easier.  Worse, Azazel has a lot of unblockable moves that will force you to dodge a lot.  I would say that he basically has to be Tekken's most challenging boss and it's just fair he's never playable due to him being too powerful.

Graphics and audio: Not much to comment, they're still very good.


You should still get this game if you're a true Tekken fan.  If you find what I say about Scenario Campaign painful, avert.  But if you want the challenge, pick it up!


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