Jafar's Role in Disney's Aladdin

Disney's Aladdin was of course having a lot of changes for this version.  The most notable change has to be Jafar.  In the novel, the magician held no power whatsoever in authority except he was after the lamp and it was only later he lusted after the princess plus the royal vizier had a son, though in Faerie Tale Theatre, the princess Badroulbadour was set to marry the vizier than the vizier's son.  In Aladdin, the character of the Vizier was merged with the unnamed sorcerer creating the really scary villain Jafar.  So what's the deal with Jafar?  Jafar is probably 42 years old or even older, he lusts for power and later the princess.  Just made me think, he really is a creepy villain and remember Jasmine is only 16 years old!  The reason why he wants the lamp in Aladdin is to get its power so he can have lots of it.

A master manipulator at best, Jafar is obviously the type to want power for himself and of course, he has been manipulating the Sultan behind the scenes.  He is one scheming lunatic who has been aiming for the power.  So he wants the throne and the only way to get it legitimately is to marry Jasmine despite their huge age gap.  He manipulates Aladdin to get the magical lamp for him like the original story.  Later, he discovers that Aladdin became a prince via the Genie and to do so, he grabs the lamp so he can gain absolute power.  Though one thing didn't change, he was still lusting after Jasmine which is freaky.  Unlike the original, Jafar foils Aladdin before he can marry Jasmine so he can have her.

The worst part has to be this- his lust for Jasmine.  As mentioned, she is only 16 and he's 42 or older.  Oh come on, she's young enough to be his daughter!  When dealing with that matter, Jafar after becoming the world's most powerful sorcerer by making that wish, he could have just forgotten about everyone but no, he had to have the princess.  He even calls the princess as a beautiful desert flower that should be at his arms, which again is terrifyingly evil of him.  This became his downfall as for one, his lust for Jasmine allowed him to be overthrown.  If he just got rid of her and the sultan after he became the most powerful sorcerer, he could have ruled without competition but no, why did he have to let Jasmine distract him?!


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