Conan the Barbarian 2011: Throwbacks to Arnold's Two Conan Movies

So far Jason Momoa is a more impressive version of Marvel's Conan BUT cast in what many considered a lackluster script, I was thinking that the movie actually tried to copy elements from the two Conan films.  Some plots from the 1982 film were taken like the forging of the blade, the murder of the Cimmerians when Conan is just a child (but his mother in the 2011 version died giving birth to him) and there is the "Riddle of Steel" which Conan learns but doesn't apply much in the final battle.

You could consider the villains.  First you have Khalar Zym the big bad.  While he's no snake worshiping cult leader like the movie version of Thulsa Doom but the two are malevolent charismatic warlords who can lead people to their deaths (more like a more evil version of Wrath-Amon with his bad temper).  Meanwhile, his daughter Marique would be the Queen Taramis (no not the good queen but Sarah Douglas' role) of this film, wicked witch without being the main villain.  The plot has Khalar Zym seeking the Mask of Acheron which can resurrect his dead wife so he can further conquer the world.

For Tamara, I can't help but compare her to Princess Jehnna.  What's the similarity?  She is the "virgin sacrifice" needed by Khalar Zym and Marique to resurrect the wicked witch Malivia who is the key to Khalar Zym's evil empire's expansion as he plans it.  Malivia would be "Dagoth" but was never fully revived unlike Dagoth in Conan the Destroyer.

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