Logic in Mortal Kombat

So here's some logic in the Mortal Kombat Universe.  How do they operate?  Here are some:

You bleed a lot during kombat.  Yup that's what puzzles me is how strong are they anyway to survive all that beating and bleeding?  This is puzzling if every punch or kick you inflict releases blood all the time and yet they are still standing.

The x-ray moves are another.  Many times the teeth fly out, the jaw is broken and eyeballs are even lost YET after the move is executed the teeth are still complete, any attack using the mouth can still be done and the eyes are still complete.

Some special moves could have claimed your life already in one hit like being frozen by Sub-Zero's freeze, Stryker's gun or impaled by Scorpion's spear.  Not to mention many moves from special bosses could actually kill you in one hit like Shao Kahn's hammer.

Most problems are settled by getting even.  Yup, in Mortal Kombat most people prefer to perform fatalities than let their opponent slide.

Raiden's senile.  You cannot deny it   In every game, he seems to have very senile decisions or one to go against the Elders.  One, Raiden's actions in the first game (non-canon) cause Armageddon, in the second game he destroys every portal in his non-canon ending, in MK Deadly Alliance he goes against the wishes of the Elder Gods to intervene in Shang Tsung and Quan Chi, in Deception he performs an attack so crazy at Onaga it corrupts him and in MK9 he just gets even more stupid which leads to the deaths of the MK defenders during their next life after the events in Armageddon. Yup he even killed Liu Kang by accident which made me think that the latter may now be in Shinnok's army as well.

Many stages had potentials for stage fatalities like the Armory yet until now they aren't implemented.

Some stages are obviously and ridiculously dangerous.  Consider the Living Forest for one which is purely creepy.  Well what upset me was that this stage didn't implement a stage fatality in MK4/Gold or even in MK Deception as a death trap.  In MK Shaolin Monks, this level was used in the adventure game to where the player must feed the trees with the enemies that are around in order to progress.  In MK9, the stage fatality was realized.  The logic here is this, you can fight in the living forest for 90+ second and NONE of the trees eat you up?!  I mean it's obvious they have the vines to attack and kill you or eat you but none of that happen?  Also, the story mode gets fucked up in logic when Shang Tsung and Kano are just there camping or in Baraka's MK Deception ending, one Tarkatan stands near a living tree and isn't eaten or Sub-Zero didn't feed the Tarkatans to the trees?  Really.

Nobody really dies.  Yup that's the logic in Mortal Kombat.  In MK Mythologies, Scorpion was killed by Sub-Zero but he was resurrected by Shinnok to become a hell specter.  Scorpion kills the original Sub-Zero who is then reincarnated into Noob Saibot (this was confirmed in MK Deception), Liu Kang dies in MK Deadly Alliance yet returns as a zombie in Deception seeking revenge, Onaga has been reincarnated my MK Deception (in Reptile's body) and in Shaolin Monks every boss character you killed gets resurrected as well.  In Armageddon, everybody dies and then after Shao Kahn wins and goes insane after he rules all reality, everybody gets reincarnated into an alternate timeline, many die but again live because Quan Chi resurrected the dead warriors as Phantom Warriors.

Shao Kahn's role in Mortal Kombat.  So one thing or another, why does Shao Kahn have to complain about 500 years when in fact that's merely one year for him?

Shinnok is supposedly an Elder God but why in the world would he need assistance from Quan Chi to get rid of this Lucifer character who isn't even mentioned in-game?!  So pretty much, Shinnok is a powerful Elder God yet he needs that Sacred Amulet.  Another thing that bothers me is how in the world can Shinnok beat all the Elder Gods and even Raiden YET Liu Kang a mere mortal defeated him?

Even gods die and reincarnate and are subject to impermanence like the Buddhist teaching of even the devas die.  Shao Kahn defeats Raiden in Mortal Kombat Armageddon at the end and kills Raiden.  So Raiden dies.  In Mortal Kombat 4/Gold, Shinnok's assault kills the deities physical forms.  Really if they're immortal why do they die?!  Then again they reincarnate as well.

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