Robocop Influence in Janperson

While Robocop is obviously a dead man revived into a cyborg (which was copied into Jiban) while Janperson isn't but Robocop influence managed to make it into the show in the way it was written.  I guess Robocop's popularity prompted Toei's producers to make their own Robocop type series while copying some plots and modifying them into Janperson's characters.  Janperson was closer to Robocop than any other Metal Hero as well.

Gun Gibson like RoboCable was originally programmed to destroy the protagonist of the show, later becoming allies.  But unlike RoboCable, he is also a full robot like Janperson.

Apparently Janperson's biggest nemesis Ryuzaburo Tatewaki being a psychotic gang leader might be based on Clarence Boddicker who was from the first Robocop movie.  Both of the were businessmen who were head of their own gangs while being a coward at best.  Unlike Clarence Boddicker, Tatewaki eventually transformed into a Janperson bootleg known as Billgodly but maintained the same cowardice in himself.  His transformation might be a reference to the second Robocop project or Cain's transformation into a robot.

George Makabe might be based on Dr. Cray Z. Mallardo considering both are cruel adversaries who were experts in robotics.

Professor Reiko Ayanokoji could be loosely based on Dr. Juliette Faux from RoboCop 2 though the latter wasn't a bigger antagonist.  But both were sadistic and manipulative, willing to do anything to achieve their goals.  She's more like what if Juliette Faux had her own Super Science Network.

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