If Mao Zedong Was in the List of Required DNA to Complete Serpentor

In the G.I.Joe cartoons, Dr. Mindender had listed China and had chosen to get the DNA of Sun Tzu over Mao Zedong instead.  I thought it was a bad idea to even try and get Sun Tzu's DNA from the barrel mound.  Dr. Mindbender could have chosen Mao Zedong's DNA instead of Sun Tzu for better listing.

Chairman Mao Zedong was a master of Sun Tzu's manual called the Art of War.  I mean, it would have been interesting if the cartoon series had Dr. Mindbender actually go to Tiananmen Square to get Mao Zedong's DNA to complete his ideal Cobra Emperor instead of Sun Tzu's since the latter wasn't a dictator.  Mao Zedong through various cunning had won many military victories and even overthrew the corrupt Chiang Kai Shek from power.  So such traits would have contained the ancient Chinese military knowledge that could have allowed Serpentor to be the best leader for Cobra.  But even if Mao Zedong's plot got inserted, I guess the writers of the five part series "Arise Serpentor Arise" would still choose to put Sgt. Slaughter's DNA instead of Mao Zedong's into the emperor's mixture for the sake of being hammy and stupid.  Which of course we know Dr. Mindbender is an idiot not to realize that some of Sgt. Slaughter's DNA already made it into the genetic matrix.

So if Mao Zedong's DNA was supposed to be gotten, however this "critical inclusion" of Mao Zedong's DNA gone, it would make Dr. Mindbender even more foolish if he chose Sgt. Slaughter as a substitute to Mao Zedong's DNA to complete Serpentor.  I think these lines could have cracked up more laughs like if the Crimson Twins mention that without Mao Zedong's DNA, their new leader would be worse or Destro would mention that not having Mao's DNA makes Serpentor rather insane.  That of course, Sgt. Slaughter just isn't the best DNA substitute for Sun Tzu, Mao's would have been better.  Then again if I were the writer, Mao Zedong's DNA would be that failed to acquire DNA sample for more laughs and no mention of Sun Tzu's DNA would ever be made.

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