Raiden's Possible Development Behind the Scenes?

Raiden in Mortal Kombat is the god of thunder.  But here's a bit of behind the scenes that could have happened in creating the character for the game:

Raijin Toes 580x580 The Other Gods Of Thunder
The name Raiden is the Shinto god of thunder and not in Taoism or Buddhism.  However when you take a look at Raiden's appearance, he resembles more of a Taoist or Buddhist god in human form.  The costume design was also taken from one of the villains in "Big Trouble in Little China".

lei gong The Other Gods Of Thunder
Meanwhile the Chinese god of thunder is known as Lei Gong who uses a hammer.  I just thought that Raiden was known as Laoka to Nightwolf so he must also been known as Lei Gong in China.  In fact, I thought Raiden should have been named as Lei Gong instead.  Other than that, Liu Kang was supposed to be Japanese but was made Chinese instead and I wonder why they failed to give their thunder god a Chinese name instead?


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