The Captain Planet Series

Perhaps another of those series I thought were either an old shame or not is Captain Planet.  The whole show itself was pretty much focused on five youngsters who were selected by Gaia the spirit of the Earth to summon Captain Planet.  Mythologically speaking, Gaia is Mother Earth and the mother of creation in Greek Mythology who continues to rule even after Uranus and Cronus were overthrown.  So I had my thoughts on what's pretty silly about the series too.  The characters are Kwame from Africa, Wheeler from North America, Linka from Europe, Gi from Asia (no country specified) and Matti from South America.  So pretty much, Gaia chooses them because of the purity of their intent.

The villains themselves you might want to think how in the world did they get their names?  Did their parents have a poor sense of naming?  So we have the names as puns to what they do:

1.) Duke Nukem (NOT the video game hero) well is nuclear reaction.
2.) Dr. Blight means destruction.
3.) Looten Plunder represents Loot and Plunder who is frequently made fun at the ending with his tagline "You'll pay for this Captain Planet".  He has a nephew named Robin Plunder who is a pun of Rob and Plunder.  He could care less about destruction as long as he gets money.  Clearly a picture of having no social corporate responsibility.
4.) Verminous Scum well obviously aside from the fact that he's a rat, he really gets to have most of the darker and edgier episodes like passing drugs, manipulating hatred, forcing misconception... aside from the standard pollution problems like hunting wild life and deforestation.  So far, he could be the most cruel villain the series considering he was responsible for the death of a character, he also manipulated warfare among rivarly and you might consider manipulating people with the HIV scare.
5.) Hoggish Greedly well pigs are a picture of greed.  He is always involved with overconsumption.
6.) Sly Sludge is one sly fellow.
7.) The supposed main villain Zarm well is an anagram for Mars, god of war.

I just thought sometimes they were just evil for evil's sake but since it's a kid's show then it seems to be the norm.  Ont he other hand, some people can just go so cruel that it makes sense why these people do what they do.


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