The Space Sheriff Trilogy: Gavan, Sharivan and Shaider

There was the Space Sheriff Trilogy of the Metal Heroes genre. Although I'm not fully familiar with other Metal Heroes but I am pretty familiar with the three space sheriffs. Sad to day Dai Sawamura is dead together with his actor Hiroshi Tsubaraya. They had three things in common- they had some combat robot used to battle the enemy forces and battled enemies that were bound to walls. And here's what I thought about them!

Gavan was played by legendary Toku actor Kenji Ohba who also had a role in Battle Fever J and Denziman as two different characters. For me Gavan is pretty cool series, probably the most popular Space Sheriff considering that much later, Kenji Ohba returned to resume his role as Retsu Ichijouji in Gokaiger vs. Gavan and in the Gavan movie when another Gavan came in. Not to mention, he also reappeared in Super Hero Taisen Z another non-canon movie aside from Gokaiger vs. Gavan. The story of Gavan was that he was the half-Earth son of Voicer and a human woman. He was destined to fight against the forces of Don Horror's Makuu syndnicate. This one for me was a pretty intense story especially when we learn of Hunter Killer's existence, the rather awkward how Don Horror and Kiba had a son named San Dorva (don't ask) or the whole arrival of Den Iga who would later become Sharivan.

The second one was Sharivan which its main lead Hiroshi Watari playing Den Iga/Sharivan would later play as Spielban and reappeared in the Gavan movie. The story of Sharivan is about the Iga people who are on Earth after they are fighting against the Demon King Psycho and his Madou Empire. It has a pretty interesting cast of villains for me compared to Gavan. IMO, Sharivan beats Gavan but at a very short distance. The whole story of Den Iga and the Iga people was also pretty interesting. It was also here Yuki Yajima of Bioman had her short role, she was written off pretty shortly for Bioman which she didn't last long either. In here we had more bizarre stuff like how Demon King Psycho could actually use two bodies at once. One plus in here is the return of Retsu to help Den finish off Madou in the finale.

Shaider for me was pretty boring imo. I thought the Fuuma were pretty bland and maybe, it just doesn't click with me as much as Sharivan and Gavan in terms of intensity and story. Not that I hate it, I feel pretty neutral about it. For me, everything went overly plain especially with the Fuuma plot, the whole story feels dragging to me. I did think that a nice twist was how Shaider actually fought a mobile final villain compared to the first two. But still, it's my least favorite. Sad to say but Hiroshi Tsubaraya is also good as dead and died so soon at only 37 because of liver cancer.


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