Why Mortal Kombat 2011 Kicked Ass!

Mortal Kombat really well literally got reincarnated last 2011 into an otherwise really solid game that will make you stare in disbelief.  So here's what I thought of Mortal Kombat 2011 and why it kicked ass:

1.) A bit more masher friendly gameplay- The reincarnated Mortal Kombat's battle system has become a little more masher friendly.  In what way?  You have a button for each limb like the Tekken franchise, cheesy combos and you might consider the whole return to 2D gameplay.  Again, even today some fighting games in general use 3D graphics on a 2D plane like Street Fighter IV and Marvel vs. Capcom 3.  Here, you have Mortal Kombat returning to a 2D fighting plane which makes it somewhat more masher friendly and doesn't nerf the pros and becomes more accessible to beginners while you can figure out how to do some really wacky combos to troll your opponents.  Though Tekken 6 and Tekken Tag Tournament 2 imo are still more masher friendly and more accessible than this awesome game.

2.) Tag Team Play- The inclusion of Tag Team mode was a real huge improvement.  Well it didn't copy Tekken Tag Tournament's system, rather it has its own which you must beat all the characters to win the round.  Part of the gameplay here aside from the obvious tagging is the tag assist and tag combos, which can be a challenge to figure out which team would become powerful.  My favorite tag teams as of current are are Liu Kang/Kung Lao (the shaolin monks), Baraka/Mileena (Tarkatan lovers), Kitana/Sonya (women aren't weak and they show you why), Shang Tsung/Quan Chi (the deadly alliance) and Scorpion/Sub-Zero (fire and ice).  I would also jokingly call this game as MK Tag Tournament.

3.) Story Mode- The story mode kind of tells of the events after MK Armageddon and everybody got reincarnated in an alternate timeline, only to relive all the events all over again after Shao Kahn won the final tournament.  The story mode is pretty much like MK vs. DC but a more interactive one.  Of course it sucked for me Liu Kang died (again) and Raiden became so stupid after Shao Kahn hammered him too much in his previous life.

4.) Bursting with content.  The game itself though not as bursting as Tekken 6 and Tekken Tag Tournament 2 with secrets, I thought was not really bare.  Angry Joe is right about this though I wish MK games will soon add the customization of characters as well.

5.) Other game modes.  The Test Your Sight, Test Your Might, Test Your Strike or you can also add the Challenge Tower provides different alternatives for gameplay as well.  I personally think the whole 300 Level Challenge Tower can tease the mind a lot and I mean A LOT!


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