Tekken's Final Bosses and What I Thought of Them!

Tekken has a history with bosses and later, made some differences with them.  Here they are:

Heihachi Mishima- Back in Tekken 1, this guy is a PAIN IN THE ASS.  Ouch!  I mean, he was so powerful in Tekken 1 you needed to really practice a lot.  Actually, he was accessible once you've beaten the game with everyone but like all the unlockables, he was no ending until Tekken 2 and onwards.  He became the penultimate boss in Tekken 3 before fighting Ogre/True Ogre unless one is playing as him (he'll fight Jin Kazama).  In Tekken 4 he was the final boss for most characters except Jin, Kazuya and him.  Tekken 4 had him wear that funny diaper costume!  The character was played by Cary Hiroyuki-Tagawa in the super lame Tekken film (gamers avoid it) who also played Shang Tsung in the first MK film and later back at Mortal Kombat Legacy.  He does look like senior martial artist Ti Lung.  He's also badass to return back from Tekken 1's cliff incident, Tekken 4 he nearly died at the end as well.  He's also sired two kids from two different mothers namely Kazuya from his wife and Lars from an unknown woman but was unaware of the existence of the latter.  Should I mention he also looks like Dr. Wily too?

Devil- In Tekken 2, after you beat the final boss first round (Kazuya) you will fight Devil for the second round.  Devil is one awful bastard!  That dash punch of his is really a huge spam thing he loves to do though it's easy to avoid the laser beam (duck, it's pretty slow) and he is playable once all characters are unlocked.  Later the devil form of Kazuya returned as a playable character in Tekken Tag Tournament and in Tekken Tag Tournament 2 as Kazuya's alter ego.  The Devil storyline is one of the best things that keeps Tekken high in the popularity chart.  After Heihachi defeated him, he reverted back to Kazuya and was thrown into a volcano thus making another cycle to Tekken's revenge cycle.

Ogre/True Ogre- In Tekken 3, the final boss was Ogre who becomes True Ogre after you defeat him in the first round.  I would say this was a pretty impressive and cool monster design for both his forms.  I'm glad that he appeared in Tekken Tag Tournament 1 and 2 though you do need to download Ogre because the original roster only has True Ogre!  Still a cool boss but playable since he's not all that powerful!  Nobody really knows his origin in Tekken 3 but as long as it's mentioned he is an ancient evil from the Aztecs.  So he did absorb some of Heihachi's powers to become his true form but was defeated by Jin Kazama which resulted to his death.

Jinpachi Mishima- Tekken's first non-playable boss and it was in Tekken 5.  Huge damage, really damaging, he is one badass brute so it's just fair he's not playable at all!  At last Tekken brought back some real challenge and it took me ten tries to beat him the first round.  So yeah, so powered up.  In Tekken Tag Tournament 2 a weaker version him came in as a playable character and a secondary sub-boss (tagged with a younger looking Heihachi) before fighting True Ogre.

Unknown- The final boss of the Tekken Tag games.  So she's not canon, big deal.  In Tekken Tag Touranment 1 she's just a what if character, in Tekken Tag Tournament 2 it's revealed she is Jun Kazama possessed by some unknown evil force hence the name.  Tekken Tag Tournament 2 has bitched her up with real badass moves that it's fair she's only downloadable though I think it's best to keep her non-playable considering her might.

Azazel- Tekken 6's final boss is one big bad brute, pretty huge so yeah again it's just fair he's not playable considering the HUGE amounts of damage he does.  I mean, you ahve to do some high hitting combos, do some evasions, etc. and he's no walk in the park.  Fortunately Tekken 6 has much easier controls to deal with this S.O.B. final boss.  Truly a real challenge indeed!


  1. Whenever Devil does his flying laser attack in Tekken 2, he gives off this eery sound which creeped me out the first few times I encountered him. What makes him a lot more creepy was his stage's music. And should I mention his own ending movie, and even Kazuya's in which after defeating his devil form, the supposedly-dead Devil's eyes suddenly opened. Ah yes, those times when graphics are not that improved yet guaranteed to scare the hell out of you... *cough, cough* Resident Evil 1-3, Clock Tower... :P

    And speaking of stage music, Unknown's in Tekken Tag 1 was my favorite. IMO, TTT1 had the best soundtrack of them all.


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