Game Review: Capcom vs. SNK 2

Here's a PS2 classic I think is really worth playing called Capcom vs. SNK 2.  Capcom and SNK had a first game which succeeded but this one did even better.  So fighters from Capcom and SNK are in their battle.  One can go for the three vs. three non-tag team type or two, one can actually go one vs. one which I prefer to do better most of the time.  It has great 2D graphics, smooth gameplay and a decent challenge to go by which most secrets are hard to unlock way before Capcom went crappy.

So what's the huge deal about this game?  It's basically an upgrade to Street Fighter Alpha 3's fighting style with you having the CAPSNK grooves to select from. CAP are obviously from Capcom and SNK is obviously SNK.  These six grooves allow an exciting gameplay to which each character can vary from one style after the other... but slightly.  I prefer using the C or P groove most of the time.

If you do get a huge score (and there are penalties for losing here) througout the game, the "final stage" isn't so final as you'll either face Ultimate Rugal and Shin Akuma, both TOUGH ASS BOSSES!  Given the game's smooth controls, it's only fair to give you a very badass final fight.  Either which boss is a REAL frustration which I would admit, I was beaten 15 times the first time I reached either one of them!  But getting the hang of it, you can actually defeat them with more practice!

My overall verdict?  9.0/10!


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