Mortal Kombat X Latest Impressions

So Mortal Kombat X will be 25 years later, another cycle of reincarnation or what?

In fact, we are introduced to the daughter of Johnny Cage and Sonya Blade, named Cassie Cage.  So I wonder if we will see an aged Sonya and aged Johnny Cage as a playable character, or has she taken over her mother's place?

The new character Kotal Kahn.  Is he a relative of Shao Kahn or a descendant?  Shao Kahn had quite a number of women, so it's possible he sired several children.  Made me think he almost looks like Ogre in Tekken!

D'Vorra the insect queen...

Ferra/Torra which is two characters in one but will play mostly using the brute force character Torra.

I would like to see Liu Kang return as an evil version of himself... corrupted after the events of MK 2011 and where he goes incredibly rampaging around... in short Evil Liu Kang!  Since I was thinking with all the dead heroes turned into Shinnok's enforcers, I'd love to see Liu Kang as his undead self, with some additional moves and new combat characteristics!


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