My List of Marvel vs. Capcom 2's Cheapest Players

In Marvel vs. Capcom 2 I'd like to list my list of cheapest players:

1.) Cable- Obviously the cheapest.  The Viper Beam chips out lots and I mean LOTS of damage, even a blocking opponent has to rethink their strategy.  I would also say he is one powerful character.  I would dare say I spam him the most in the whole game.  The Hyper Viper beam may not fill the whole screen but man does it do BIIIIIG damage especially against Abyss.

2.) Megaman- After unlocking Megaman, my favorite way is to get cheap with buster shots.  Fire some shots then accompanied by a partner like Cable or Iceman, prepare to get cheap!  And I'd credit that Rush Drill is invulnerable to all supers, even tag team ones.  And I could say Hyper Megaman is one incredibly powerful attack.

3.) Iceman- For a partner or main partner, he is cheap.  The Ice Beam itself is one incredibly cheap attack as it scores up to seven to eight hits.  As an assist, I love spamming his Ice Beam against blocking opponents.  And another, I would say he can guard against most damage.  The Arctic attack may not be all that powerful but it's still spamworthy.

4.) Cyclops- Optic blasts are pretty fast, can't be discounted of the damage they do.  And of course, the Mega Optic Blast is still as cheap as ever.

5.) Ironman- Fire his standing projectile, get eight hits.  Then of course his only Super move, the Proton Cannon is one incredibly massive weapon of destruction.

6.) Dr. Doom- Use his molecular shield, photon blasts or his standing blast, you still get spamworthy moves.

7.) Ryu- Well I do spam him a lot.  Hadokens are standard and the Shinkuu Hadoken is still a pretty good catchup attack.

8.) Morrigan Aensland- Morrigan being able to fire her projectile downwards on the air.  I'd say her Soul Eraser is so easy to abuse.  I love using her as an assist with all big blast characters.

9.) Akuma- Well he is more powerful than Ryu and Ken, I even enjoy using his regular moves and Super Moves against unsuspecting opponents.  Just be careful about his Shun Goku Satsu because it requires three levels and can easily miss.

10.) Jill Valentine- Use some zombie helpers, attack.  You can spam her zombie dog move or her zombies.  I just thought while the Grenade Launcher move here is least useful but the fiery dash is really effective.  Get the enemy caught and launch that Rocket Launcher.  A stunned opponent can be a victim to her hardest to do super, the Code T-001!

11.) Jin Saotome- Although this guy is charge reliant, his Typhoon move makes a great move but using it as a an assist means you get Hyper Cyclone rather than Blodia Punch.  From all his specials, I just thought the Blodia Punch and Blodia Vulcan are very cheap moves.

Just who are yours?


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