Cable in X-Men as the Time Displaced Son of Cyclops and Madelyne Pryor

Cable is the son of Cyclops and Madelyne Pryor.  During the time Mr. Sinister failed to get Jean Grey as part of his experiments, he cloned her but the clone manifested no mutant powers.  He considered her a failed experiment at first, to which later he only released her when the Phoenix Force entered into the clone.  Mr. Sinister intended that the union of Cyclops and Madelyne Pryor (in the place of Jean Grey) would give birth to the intended child.  He gave Madelyne a set of false memories and suggested to her to name the child "Nathan" after Mr. Sinister.  The union produced the powerful child that Apocalypse dreaded but the same time, thought could be his worthy heir.  Apocalypse infected the young Nathan with the techno-virus to which, the child was soon taken into the alternate future by his alternate half-sister Rachel Summers.  Cyclops having no choice, allowed his only son to be taken into the future.

In order to preserve the possibility of defeating Apocalypse, an aged Rachel Summers (who would return again as a younger woman) cloned Nathan as a backup but he survived, but he had to use his telepathic and telekinetic powers to prevent the virus from consuming his body.  Apocalypse from the distant future, took the clone and raised it as his own.  This led to several, several time paradoxes later. Nathan defeated Apocalypse.  During that time, he was raised by Slym and Redd who were actually Cyclops and Jean Grey, for twelve years and later, Cyclops would never see his son again.  The problem was also that since his clone was raised by the Apocalypse of the Askani timeline, we will have more time paradoxes happening.  The clone was named Stryfe.  Cable planned to enter into the past where he would learn more about his past, he also though he was the clone and that Stryfe was the real son of Cyclops and Madelyne Pryor.

What I found awkward is that when Cable returned, he was WAY older than his parents.  In the Askani Timeline, Cable was married to Aliya.  Aliya supposedly got pregnant by Stryfe and gave birth to her son Tyler who would be a villain.  What was happening was that, returning into the past and seeking to undo the future would have many consequences.  He was trying to prevent the rise of Apocalypse.  At the same time, he would meet his estranged mother Madelyne Pryor, at the same time Jean Grey would be his "aunt".  He also met his so-called "uncle" Nate Grey who was a product of the AoA version of Mr. Sinister or in another way, Nate would be his "half-brother".  Nate Grey's relationship with Madelyne would be incest considering they both share Jean Grey's DNA, they would either be siblings or Madelyne would be his aunt.

The issue of being time displaced also meant he entered periods before he was born, met himself as an infant and many more.  For one, it would feel awkward for him to be older than his parents.  He would also meet his mother Madelyne trying to reconcile.  However he had a missing childhood because he grew up into a very distant future and only came back and forth in time.  He would later try to fix things, which however didn't change things back.  I mean, I wonder if he could find a way to fix his time displacement?  In fact, after he had ceased Apocalypse from the present, he is stuck in the 21st century where he is a child older than his parents.  Only by allowing Apocalypse to be revived again was he allowed to return into the future.  Heck, this is all but a confused reality thanks to too many time travels!


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