How the U.S. Street Fighter Adaptation Media Should Have Been!

While adaptations are necessary because of cultural differences, but I thought Guile was just not fit for the role of main protagonist.  For one, he's not even that important a character.  I also felt Guile feels like a bad name too.  Now for my choices...

So we do know Street Fighter's protagonists are Ryu and Ken.  Ryu is the main character, Ken is the sidekick.  For me, if they want American focus, Ken would be a much better protagonist and Ryu would still do well as a sidekick.  I mean, Ken for me is still much more fit to be the protagonist for any American adaptation of Street Fighter.

I always felt Guile was not really protagonist material.  Remembering that stupid Street Fighter movie with Van Damn (above), I really just couldn't respect the movie nor its plot derailing the title "Street Fighter".  It was more of a military movie... come on where's the tournament?  Ken could have been a better replacement for Ryu in the American version!!!!

I would probably keep much of Ken's story from the Japanese version alive, where he is a spoiled son who learns discipline through meeting Ryu.  Except he will be more focused and while he is the main character, his sidekick Ryu tends to overshadow him even if more or less, they have an advantage over each other.  The story of Ken will be the focus while Ryu will be trimmed down to becoming a sidekick.  That way, we have Ken as an important character as he should be for the American version!


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