Madelyne Pryor: Why I Feel Sorry for Her

I know Madelyne Pryor has been more villain than heroine, however she was also a tragic character the same time.  Mr. Sinister couldn't secure Jean Grey so he cloned her as a copy of Jean Grey.  As the clone grew up, she manifested no mutant powers.  Mr. Sinister considered her a failure until one day, the Phoenix Force descended unto her instead of Jean Grey (who was thought to have died)... and Mr. Sinister's plan came in to part of what he wanted.  Since Jean Grey was not available for the time, Madelyne Pryor the identical clone of Jean Grey would suffice in her place.  The union between Cyclops and Madelyne Pryor would result to Cable, who would come back years later older than his parents.

So she did fall for Scott Summers for a time, she was happy.  She and Cyclops both had a son she ended up naming as Nathan (after Mr. Sinister's suggestion).  What she did not remember for sure was that, Mr. Sinister her" father" intended to grab the child as soon as it was born.  Everything seemed normal for her BUT one day, she realized that Cyclops left her for his former love, Jean Grey.  This of course enraged her especially when later, she realized that she was just a substitute for Jean Grey and that Cyclops only married her for her resemblance.  This allowed her to be vulnerable to the demon S'ym who manipulated her to be the Goblin Queen.  She also manipulated Havok under the influence of S'ym.

Madelyne was driven by hate, even towards her own son Nathan Christopher.  She would now even sacrifice her own son along with other mutant babies to fulfill the vision of "Inferno"  Although unjustifiable, I cannot help but blame Cyclops' irresponsible actions on everything wrong that happened to Madelyne Pryor later.


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